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Contributed by: Faith Enogieru

Roadmap to Customer Success in Professional Janitorial Services

Contributed by Sheryl Perlstein

“Customer success is a method for ensuring customers reach their desired outcomes when using an organization’s product or service.” – Gartner Inc.

Business opt to outsource their cleaning requirements to janitorial service providers for a wide range of reasons. While the core services are top priority, it has also become increasingly important for service providers to deliver outstanding customer success throughout the contract period. The strategies should go beyond simply delivering cleaning services; they must encompass a holistic approach to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer. It goes without saying that professional janitorial service providers should design strategies with several key elements that contribute to a successful customer experience and success.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment:

An exceptional customer success strategy begins with a thorough assessment of customer requirements and expectations. This involves engaging in open and transparent communication to understand their specific cleaning requirements, preferences, and any unique challenges that they may face. By taking the time to comprehensively evaluate all their needs, janitorial service providers can tailor their services to deliver optimal results.

Customized Service Offerings:

Once the needs assessment is complete, the scope of work and the janitorial service program can be tailored to align with each customer requirement. This may involve providing flexible scheduling options, accommodating specific cleaning techniques or products, or adapting to specialized cleaning protocols for sensitive environments. By offering personalized solutions, janitorial service providers can demonstrate their commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Proactive Communication and Collaboration:

Effective communication is at the core of a successful customer success strategy. Janitorial service providers must establish clear channels of communication and maintain regular contact with their customers. This includes promptly addressing any concerns or issues that may arise, providing updates on cleaning progress, and seeking feedback to continually improve service delivery.

Highly Trained and Reliable Staff:

The quality of janitorial services is directly influenced by the skills and reliability of the cleaning staff. The recruitment and training of competent cleaning professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and attentive to detail are crucial for the success of an outsourced janitorial program for any business. Investing in ongoing training programs and performance evaluations ensures that the janitorial team consistently delivers a high standard of service, reinforcing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Quality Assurance and Accountability:

To build trust, janitorial service providers must implement robust quality assurance measures. This may include conducting regular inspections, implementing performance metrics, and utilizing feedback mechanisms to assess and monitor service quality. Furthermore, a customer success strategy should include initiatives for addressing any service deficiencies promptly and taking corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement.

Innovative Technological Solutions:

The integration of innovative technological solutions can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a customer success strategy in janitorial services. Adopting cleaning technologies in daily on-site duties as well as backend support functions with real-time monitoring systems can improve efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure consistent service delivery. Leveraging technology not only demonstrates a commitment to staying ahead of the curve but also provides customers with added value.

Diversified Maintenance recognizes the importance of building long-term relationships with customers. By fostering a partnership mindset, the Company goes beyond basic service delivery and standards, and operates as a trusted partner for the customers. Regularly seeking feedback, understanding evolving needs of customers, and offering additional value-added services demonstrate the Company’s commitment to long-term customer success. To learn more about achieving Customer Success in Professional Janitorial Services, send me a note at: