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Contributed by: Faith Enogieru

Revolutionizing Facility Maintenance Services: The Rise of Autonomous Cleaning Technology

Contributed by Ed Turbeville

Over the past several years, the facility maintenance industry has witnessed a significant transformation with the introduction of autonomous cleaning technology. Intelligent and automated solutions that improve efficiency, cut costs, and offer a greater level of cleanliness are replacing conventional cleaning techniques. From robotic vacuums to automated floor scrubbers, outsourced service providers are embracing these advancements to streamline operations and deliver superior cleaning results.

Robotic Vacuums and Sweepers

One of the most extensively used autonomous cleaning technologies in the commercial facility maintenance service industry is robotic vacuums. These compact, self-propelled devices navigate through designated areas while precisely locating and eliminating dirt, dust, and debris. Equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent mapping systems, they can efficiently maneuver around obstacles, furniture, and other objects while ensuring thorough cleaning of floors. The ability to program cleaning schedules and operate autonomously frees up the on-ground staff to focus on more specialized tasks, improving overall productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Automated Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbing is a labor-intensive task that often requires repetitive manual efforts. However, autonomous floor scrubbers have revolutionized this process. These intelligent machines feature sensors and sophisticated algorithms to detect and analyze floor surfaces, adjusting scrubbing patterns and pressure accordingly. Equipped with water tanks and detergent dispensers, they apply the right amount of cleaning solution and efficiently scrub large areas, leaving behind sparkling clean floors. The use of autonomous floor scrubbers not only reduces the physical strain on the staff but also delivers consistent and high-quality cleaning results.

Autonomous Disinfection Systems

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, disinfection has become a top priority for facility maintenance service providers. Autonomous disinfection systems offer an innovative solution to effectively sanitize and decontaminate large areas. These systems employ technologies such as Airborne Decontamination of Surfaces and Dry Fog atomization to distribute disinfectants uniformly and efficiently. The use of autonomous disinfection systems ensures thorough disinfection, reduces human contact with potentially harmful pathogens, and provides peace of mind to building occupants.


At Diversified Maintenance, the integration of autonomous technology for the operations at various customer sites has brought a host of benefits including increased efficiency, enhanced cleaning standards, cost-effectiveness, and better occupational safety, among others. The adoption of these new technologies has not only marked a significant turning point for the Company, but it has resulted in satisfying the evolving customer requirements for cleanliness, disinfection, safety, and sustainability in commercial spaces. Some of the Company’s innovation initiatives and solutions include autonomous sweeping, autonomous disinfecting, auto-scrubbing, electro-chemical on-site generators, cleaning verification system, and others. To learn more about innovative facility maintenance solutions and their impact on the end result, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville