Diversified Maintenance & Environmental Service Systems Announce New Strategy with Five Key Pillars to Reinforce Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diversified Maintenance, a leading provider of facilities maintenance services, announced a significant development in its diversity and inclusion efforts. The Company has introduced a new D&I strategy with a focus on diversity recruitment, employee development, inclusive procurement, corporate social responsibility and transparent performance reporting.

“I take pride in Diversified Maintenance and Environmental Service Systems (ESS) being companies that relentlessly work toward continuous improvement in all its goals, including diversity and inclusion. We have been building and growing an inclusive culture over the years and aim to propel our mission forward by creating a workplace that supports all of our people, provides equitable growth opportunities to every employee and supplier and embraces diversity and inclusion as an important component of our company’s DNA,” said Ciara Lilly, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion.

As sister companies, Diversified and ESS’ strategic plan has evolved over the years and diversity and inclusion is now based on five key pillars: Organizational Commitment, Workforce Diversity & Inclusion, Supplier Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Performance Optimization. Each pillar is designed to meet its unique, measurable goal to increase transparency and fulfill our overarching vision of creating a world-class diversity and inclusion program anchored in integrity, fairness and respect that prioritizes people development, relationship value and sustainable business performance.

About Diversified Maintenance

Diversified Maintenance has been providing client-focused, quality maintenance solutions to facilities across the United States for over 45 years. For more information, visit www.diversifiedm.com

About ESS

Established in 1998, Environmental Service Systems, LLC is a minority-owned company providing personalized facility services to clients belonging to a range of industries. For more information about ESS, visit https://www.environmentalss.com/



Maheen Zaidi

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