Diversified Maintenance Celebrates 50th Year in Business

Diversified Maintenance, a leading provider of facilities maintenance services is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023. Since its founding in 1973, the Company has grown from modest regional operations to a national leader with a team of over 10,000. Diversified has built upon a decades-long foundation of client focus and investing in its people and culture. The Company continues to evolve in delivering high-quality services through performance management, employee training, diversity, and service innovation across an ever-widening range of client industries.

“A company’s capacity to thrive for 50 years demonstrates not just its longevity, but also its agility in the face of rapidly shifting market conditions. I believe that this is a great time to pause and reflect on what has made Diversified so successful and what we want to be going forward. We will remain driven to continually enhance our performance for customers and remain dedicated to providing a superior experience with fresh initiatives to increase resources, enhance our offerings, and build even stronger and trusted relationships Over the years, Diversified has developed a distinctive culture that places a high value on people connection, growth, and development,” said Neal Pomroy, Chief Executive Officer, Diversified Maintenance. He added, “We belong to a fast-paced and evolving industry that has undergone rapid changes in customer expectations, particularly after the pandemic. In the face of these unprecedented challenges, our Company thrived because we continued to innovate across all aspects of service delivery.”

Keith McAlpin, President at Diversified Maintenance also believes that The Company is well-positioned to grow in new markets while providing the efficiency, responsiveness, and scalability necessary for top-notch service delivery. He stated, “Reaching our 50th anniversary has truly been a team effort and one that would not have been possible without our committed employees, valuable customers, and reliable supplier partners. It’s gratifying to enjoy this time and look back at all our achievements along with the impact that we made on the industry and the communities we are working in.” He also stated, “While our operations have expanded, our underlying strategic principles and core values have remained constant and we do believe that our decades of experience combined with our outstanding people and an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service, promises continued growth and success.”

Facilities Management is evolving, and Diversified Maintenance will remain a leader in serving this community going forward. The Company is investing in enhanced automation, improved information flow and proactive service monitoring for customers, and greater efficiency across the range of services our customers require. New initiatives are underway to expand the spectrum of services, access new markets through acquisition, improve operational performance, and lead with technology-enabled solutions.

The Company remains committed to its employees, customers, partners, investors, and communities to make even greater accomplishments in the next 50 years. The celebrations for this milestone anniversary provide an opportunity to rededicate the Company to a culture that attracts great talent, ensures customer satisfaction, fosters diversity and inclusion, and positively impacts environmental sustainability.

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