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Plan Ahead with Your Facility Maintenance Partner

Key Steps, Response Plan, & More to Get Your Workplace Ready to Resume Operations

by Lesli Sandford, Regional Sales Executive

A large number of public health and safety authorities are providing valuable guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in community settings. Such recommendations will only prove effective when all members of communities, including all businesses and their employees, adhere to them. As the pandemic continues to evolve, most companies have faced the challenge of making difficult decisions involving a response plan and shutting down operations until the outbreak is contained. While this decision is tough and has a huge economic impact, it gives time to proactively plan and prepare to re-open with minimal risks.

Companies must determine a strategy to reopen operations. For successful planning, they must work closely with their stakeholders and essential partners to ensure that their approach has not overlooked aspects that will impact operations. One of the most significant alliances include service providers for facilities maintenance. Amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, facilities maintenance companies are supporting their customers with continued operations as an essential service provider. These partners can make valuable contributions in the future response and action plans for customers by helping them better understand what facilities need and how to expand the existing scope of work to include additional disinfecting.

While most janitorial and cleaning companies will continue to deliver their standardized services, the pandemic has made customers recognize the importance of working with a professional company that offers more than the basic cleaning solutions. The most important measures by a proactive facilities maintenance partner for getting your workplace ready to re-open in the near future includes:

Facility Assessment – A partner with extensive industry experience has the strength of a professional and seasoned workforce that can use its knowledge to determine if your existing cleaning and maintenance plan measures up to new workplace health and safety standards following this pandemic.

Re-Designed Scope of Work – Skilled and experienced facilities maintenance service providers are proactively revisiting the scope of work for their customers to identify changes and improvements that can be made to the procedures and schedules that were implemented prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

Additional Services Another important consideration is the new capabilities for your partner to meet the disinfecting requirements in the future. Working with a service provider that has the resources to carry out deep cleaning and disinfecting services is not only crucial right now, but in the future maintenance plan as well. You should also consider to bundle additional services for cost savings and quality assurance.


Diversified Maintenance is catering to the increased demands of its customers, thus initiating necessary changes in their scope of work to help sustain safe and disinfected facilities even after they restart operations in the future. To learn more about the potential risks in the future and how to eliminate them with a cost effective facility maintenance plan, get in touch with me – Lesli Sandford at