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Partner Vs. Vendor Approach – Is Your Janitorial Service Provider Committed to the Success of Your Business?

Contributed by Dennis Ritt, Regional Sales Executive

For outsourced janitorial service providers that operate simply as a vendor for their customers, the primary objective is to generate revenue in exchange for supplying their services. On the contrary, service providers that focus on each account’s success as a partner work with the key goal of developing strong relationships over time. As a result, the partnership approach creates a shared vision for both the customer and its janitorial partner to achieve long-term benefits.

The customer-vendor relationship is based on the terms specified in their contract, leaving no room for proactive problem-solving in the face of unforeseen concerns and challenges. Although standardized practices ensure uniformity in performance standards, they can also limit service providers from providing more value and improving continuously. A futuristic outlook to build a strong partnership allows the janitorial service provider to deliver seamless and consistent service standards but also concentrate on developing processes that work best for achieving the unique requirements of each customer.

Furthermore, a janitorial partner also tracks and reports its own performance against the most appropriate KPIs. At the same time, the service provider with a strong partnership continuously measures the results to best understand progress, areas of improvement, and capacities to strive for. It would not be wrong to state that an effective partnership between a business and its janitorial service company stems from a shared vision to achieve the same goals of performance optimization, cost efficiency, service quality, and customer satisfaction.

Diversified Maintenance believes in never losing sight of customer requirements and expectations. Despite the growth of our customer base through new acquisitions, it remains our top priority to nurture and grow long-term customer relationships. To learn more about the impact of janitorial partnership on business operations and future success, send me a note at: Dennis Ritt