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Outsourced Service Provider or a Trusted Partner with Shared Values?

Contributed by Dennis Ritt, Regional Sales Executive

The Importance of a Facilities Maintenance Partner with Similar Culture and Values

The success of every business is based on its solid foundational elements that provide a framework to operate, move forward, stay on track, and flourish. The foundation of a business also shapes its culture and values which are considered core for daily actions and decisions by both, the company employees and leadership. As growth is one of the most important objectives to achieve, businesses seek support from external suppliers and partners for a wide range of functions. These requirements also include outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance requirements to professional service providers who can ensure seamless practices with consistent results for the required scope of work.

While there are numerous benefits with convenience and cost-efficiency to outsource the cleaning and maintenance function to an experienced service provider, it is important to find a partner that conducts business with a similar set of core values. Without a well-aligned partnership, facilities maintenance companies can work as a vendor with little accountability, reliability, and dedication. These services are not part of the core, income-generating operations for businesses, but they are essential for allowing the employees to carry on with their jobs seamlessly in a clean, safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment. As a result, mismatched work ethic, lack of understanding, and low level of trust cannot result in a fruitful partnership in the long run. On the other hand, a facilities maintenance company that shares the same values as its customers can ensure effective communication, setting clear goals, and drive the cleaning and maintenance program forward with continuous improvement.

Diversified Maintenance employees operate in a corporate culture that promotes working harmoniously toward shared objectives. The Company’s impactful core values of integrity, trust, respect, teamwork and collaboration, agility, and D&I are the guiding principles for working consistently toward delivering customer satisfaction. We leverage our capabilities, costs, and culture by operating as a partner for every customer. To learn more about our process of gathering customer insight and understanding their operations, requirements, and core values prior to service transition to create a shared vision, send me a note at: Dennis Ritt