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New Cleaning and Disinfecting Demands

Contributed by Jim Hartweck, Client Relations Executive

Re-Designed Protocols & High Frequency Schedules

Among many other important lessons that we have learned from the coronavirus pandemic is one about the significance of the janitorial and maintenance staff. They were recognized as essential workers during the pandemic and their key role continues to help businesses and their facilities remain clean and safe. The facilities maintenance services are not limited to any particular categories of customers or facilities – in fact, they are an essential function for all industries including educational institutions,  fitness and wellness centers, corporate offices, industrial plants, hospitals, and many more. As we have entered the ‘new normal’, the maintenance process is considered complete when it involves both, deep cleaning and thorough disinfecting.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt and impurities, and disinfecting is important for killing germs and pathogens from objects and surfaces. According to this distinction, it is important to use separate products to perform either of these services. Cleaning products and chemicals should not be considered as sufficient to work as a disinfectant. Although the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting are not a recent discovery, they have gained even more importance than before; and rightly so.

Experienced facilities maintenance companies have re-visited their plans and procedures to ensure that their team members are thoroughly trained to align their cleaning and disinfecting practices with important guidelines provided by expert sources. Necessary changes in protocols include:

  • Assessment of high touch points across each facility to ensure they are cleaned and disinfected accordingly.
  • Increased frequency of the cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing schedule for each facility.
  • Selection of suppliers for approved cleaning and disinfecting products.
  • Adequate use of the cleaning and disinfecting products based on the label instructions.
  • Training of all employees on the proper use and disposal of appropriate PPE according to the risk and hazard involved in their tasks.

Diversified Maintenance delivers enhanced cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are customized around the unique requirements of each customer. The team is GBAC certified to enforce procedures for cleaning and disinfecting that consistently meet the expert recommended guidelines, but also has the capacity to satisfy the current demand for highly frequent schedules at each facility serviced. To learn more about our cleaning and disinfecting services to help you maintain a safe and healthy facility, send me a note at: Jim Hartweck –