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Kenny Nix Gets it Done at Hitachi Automotive

Contributed by Chris McNally and Michael Arrington

Last month, James Juiffre, the Maintenance Manager at Hitachi Automotive in Monroe, Georgia, was so impressed with the work that Kenny Nix was doing that he just had to brag on him. Kenny works for a subcontractor, but we are providing him with the training and tools he needs to be successful. He embodies everything we look for in a cleaner. Mr. Juiffre sent the following testimonial to Michael Arrington, the Diversified Account Manager in charge of the Hitachi account:

“Kenny has been wonderful to work with. He has a very positive attitude and a can do spirit! He is always ready to help, and takes care to insure his building is ready to show. For several months, Kenny took care of his building by himself without any assistance. He handles all of his daily tasks, and if time was available he would do some extra cleaning. Kenny would be called upon to come in and do some extra early cleaning because we were having weeklong high-level customer meetings. He was always willing to help and do whatever was necessary. He does this each day without complaints. Giving 100%, 100% of the time has earned him the respect of all he comes in contact with. We are blessed to have Kenny as a coworker and friend! James Juiffre, Hitachi Automotive – Monroe Georgia”

It is very impressive when a customer goes out of their way to compliment some of our outstanding people. Even though Kenny does not work directly for Diversified, he represents the company just the same. His dedication to doing the best job he can, at all times, embodies the customer-driven principles that we strive to uphold every day. Thank you, Kenny, for everything you do for both Diversified Maintenance and Hitachi Automotive!

↑ Kenny prepares for a series of important customer meetings at the Hitachi offices in Monroe, GA.