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Is Your Re-Entry Anxiety Stopping You from Transitioning to a New Facilities Maintenance Company?

Contributed by Ryan Thomson, Regional Sales Executive

This year’s novel coronavirus outbreak has had different effects on economies, markets, and businesses. While the financial blow from the pandemic is the most noticeable consequences that businesses have sustained, there are many other changes that have become necessary to continue operations in the ‘new normal’ environment. With a remarkable increase of demand for initiatives that ensure health and safety as well as infection prevention and control, all businesses must introduce enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols on a daily basis. Many companies are highly likely to find that their existing janitorial and maintenance service providers lack sufficient capabilities to fulfill the new stringent requirements. In such circumstances, replacing the facilities maintenance service provider becomes necessary but this decision comes with its own set of challenges.

Businesses have resumed operations after months of restrictions and lockdown imposed by the US government in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Re-entering the business world in a volatile and uncertain environment has caused different types of anxiety among companies of all types and sizes. In addition to the multiple concerns about operations and business continuity, it is also stressful to think of going through a problematic transition to a new janitorial and maintenance firm – problematic mainly in terms of a transition that could result cleaning and disinfecting procedures being discontinued for some time as well as other unavoidable circumstances.

Although true for many maintenance operators, it is important to understand that there several successful service providers that are equipped to ensure a seamless service transition. For instance, Diversified Maintenance dedicates at least 30 days of transition planning prior to starting a maintenance plan for a new customer. The Company has extensive re-entry guidelines and GBAC certified teams to ensure the health, safety and cleanliness of the facility.

To learn more about a seamless transition management process developed by a dedicated business deployment team for new accounts, send me a note at: Ryan Thomson