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How a Facilities Maintenance Partner for Banks Can Impact Business Performance

Contributed by Sheryl Perlstein, National Sales Executive

One of the pillars of success for banks and financial institutions is customer excellence. Similarly, an optimal brand experience for customers depends on a number of factors related to the financial service standards as well as the ambiance that they operate in. A clean and orderly environment within bank premises is critical for establishing a strong reputation and operating with optimal efficiency, which is why cleaning and facilities maintenance services for banks and financial institutions are considered sensitive in nature. As a result, managing an in-house team for ensuring a well-maintained environment can make it challenging for banks to coordinate an unobtrusive schedule according to working hours while also maintaining strict oversight of a wide range of protocols to be implemented each day. By working with a professional service provider, on the other hand, banks get a fresh perspective on efficient and innovative ways to tackle their facilities maintenance requirements that create a pristine environment.

Selecting a service provider to perform its predetermined scope of work as a close partner is important for consistent high quality standards. Simultaneously, a successful partnership with the facilities maintenance company also creates a long-lasting collaboration that saves the bank from experiencing the challenges of finding new partners frequently. Other key benefits include:

  • Professional service providers access all areas of the bank facility at the most appropriate hours and schedules without navigating through peak hours to cause operational disruption for employees and clients.
  • A single-vendor program can include a wide range of integrated services that meet the requirements for all areas including work stations, waiting area, reception, restrooms, teller stations, and more.
  • Integrated facilities maintenance for banks are not limited to the interiors of the building. The professional on-ground staff also ensures the first look at the bank from outside is equally clean, maintained, and appealing as the inside. As a result, customers build a strong and positive perception about their financial institution.
  • Reliable service providers also have the capabilities to address COVID-19 and other biohazard risks, ensuring the environment is clean, sanitized, and disinfected thoroughly.

Diversified Maintenance caters to the unique requirements of more than 4,000 banking and financial institution locations nationwide. The years of industry-specific experience has resulted in developing essential KPIs, specialized employee training modules, relevant reports and analytic tools, among other benefits for multi-site banks and financial institutions. To learn more about a comprehensive scope of work tailored around the stringent requirements for banks and financial institutions, send me a note at: Sheryl Perlstein