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High Quality Janitorial Services for Healthcare Facilities

Contributed by Garrett Goralski, Regional Sales Executive

There are several different types of healthcare facilities including hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, among others. Irrespective of the type and size of the healthcare center, maintaining consistent and high quality standards of patient care is key priority. While the medical procedures are the most important element of patient care, healthcare facilities also focus on delivering patient-centered care in other areas like respecting patient values, addressing individual preferences and needs, ease of communication, emotional support, physical comfort, and a hygienic, safe, and secure environment at the facility. Simultaneously, these facilities are also required to achieve these objectives within tight budgets as well as limited resources.

In order to prevent their in-house staff from fulfilling added responsibilities for back-end roles and allow them to dedicate their time and effort to the core patient care priorities, many healthcare facilities put their trust in outsourced service providers to take up the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the premises with cost savings but without compromise on scope and quality of work. For the facilities maintenance partner, it becomes imperative to fully understand the core operations and program requirements for the healthcare center in order to fully support their objectives. Some essential concerns to satisfy through a comprehensive facilities maintenance program for healthcare facilities include:

Hygiene – Unlike any other customer for a facilities maintenance service provider, healthcare centers have complex and critical cleanliness and hygiene requirements. Service quality for all cleaning and disinfecting protocols have a direct impact on the eliminating the risk of spread of any infection and disease, which is fundamental for the performance of the healthcare facility.

Employee Health and Safety – Among other benefits of outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance functions to a professional service provider is the hassle-free experience regarding the health and safety of the maintenance and janitorial staff. The service provider not only ensures thorough training on safety topics but also provides necessary tools, equipment, and PPE to prevent environmental contamination and infection transmission. This approach as a multifaceted impact as it keeps the on-ground team safe from health hazards but also ensures maintaining a clean, disinfected, and safe environment for patients and all other persons at the premises.

Long-Term Cost Savings – As a resource-limited setting, healthcare facilities maintain a limited budget for their environmental cleaning and maintenance program. The most adequate partner to deliver these services is a company with industry-experience as well as the financial capabilities to deliver quality services at multiple locations with year-on-year cost savings.

Diversified Maintenance designs tailored cleaning and maintenance programs for healthcare facilities with focus on supporting their infection control objectives while delivering highest standards of hygiene and disinfection possible. At the same time, due importance is given to easy access to a designated contact person who ensures implementation of predetermined reporting lines between on-ground staff, supervisors, account managers, and senior management. To learn more about a customized cleaning and facilities maintenance program for the specialized sanitation requirements for your healthcare facility, send me a note at: Garrett Goralski