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Getting Your Team to Go the Extra Mile

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer

Today’s workforce values job satisfaction more than ever before. They are likely to be satisfied for a variety of factors  like pay scale, employee benefits, company culture, work shift hours, and respect in the workplace; but how motivated the employees are depends on what the company is doing to make them feel appreciated. And a great way to recognize their work is through an incentives plan that includes both, monetary and non-monetary benefits. Here are more reasons why you should remember to incentivize your employees with different programs and rewards:

Employee Engagement – This is one of the greatest advantages a company achieves when it invests in a well-planned incentive plan.  Employee engagement ensures your employees will work to give their best every day – not because they have to, but because they want to. Incentivizing teams improves engagement which covers key elements of job satisfaction and job performance.

Employee Morale – Since rewards and incentives are performance-based, an incentives program helps create a performance-driven company culture. This boosts employee morale as it gives them a clear purpose and well-defined objectives with a transparent work culture.

Employee Development – Incentives are not rewards for fulfilling basic job requirements with an average performance. On the contrary, incentives can help develop high performance employees through an incentives plan that offers professional development opportunities. Use employee training incentives to give them a chance to learn, grow, and succeed while encouraging employee empowerment and development in the workplace.

Companies should design an incentives program that comprises a variety of rewards and benefits for employees. For instance, Diversified Maintenance has five types of performance incentives that offer monetary rewards and are handed out to encourage improved service delivery in various ways – Bravo Award for demonstrating integrity and dependability, Spot Award for outstanding customer service, and more. The company has two other incentives that are non-monetary and offer performance certificates recognized by customers.

Diversified Maintenance also has a proprietary employee development program called LEAPS (Leadership, Empowerment, Accountability and Passion, for Success) which provides additional educational opportunities designed to help employees broaden their skill sets necessary for long-term success. To learn more about Diversified’s Training, Development and Incentive programs, send me a note at