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Doing More with Less is Not a Solution for Worker Shortage

Contributed by Cindy Fetters, Regional Sales Executive

Find a Facilities Maintenance Partner with Effective Employment and Engagement Strategies

The overall economic environment is driving a sense of uncertainty while the labor market dynamics also indicate the worker shortage will continue to affect numerous industries, including facilities maintenance services. As a result, it is more necessary than ever for these service providers to brace for the worker market volatility and create a plan for workforce stability and management.

The overwhelming impact of the worker shortage is difficult to sustain for facilities maintenance companies, owing to the nature of their scope of work and high dependability on the quality of their employees. As hiring has become even more difficult than it already has been, many service providers are choosing to add excessive work load on existing workforce. While it may appear to be a quick fix, it is more likely to bring about newer challenges such as inadequate work performance and poor customer experience. Overworked employees will lose all motivation or incentive to work, and as a result of the employee burnout, the service providers will face the challenges of managing very high turnover rates in an unstable job market.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson (Founder, The Virgin Group)

 Contrary to a myopic view with short-term results, a facilities maintenance service provider can continue to deliver promised results to customers with focus on long-term employee engagement and management strategies. Some of the most results-driven practices include transparency in communications, easy access to supervisors for on-ground personnel, employee growth and development programs, in-depth training modules, and employee recognition initiatives.

Diversified Maintenance has longstanding experience in effectively managing and resolving recruitment, turnover, and retention challenges long before the recent job market shifts. As a result, the Company has continued to maintain low turnover during the peak of the worker shortage crunch. With a dedicated full-time recruitment team, prospective employees are approached through new and multiple channels including employee referral programs. Training and development is prioritized to ensure that new and existing employees are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills set to better perform their responsibilities and earn recognition for their achievements. To learn more about finding a facilities maintenance partner that values its employees and keeps them motivated to deliver quality results with an adequate set of responsibilities, send me a note at: Cindy Fetters