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Diversified Team Members Recognized During JCPenney 3rd Quarter Broadcast

Contributed by Monika Baran

Diversified sponsored the Q2 JCPenney Custodial Broadcast which aired at JCP Stores on July 20th. Karen Sackey and Monika Baran from the Account Management Team participated in the broadcast by giving a presentation on Diversified’s ongoing projects at JCPenney stores nationwide. During the live broadcast we also recognized several Diversified custodians for their outstanding contributions to both Diversified and JC Penney, shown at right.

Each outstanding person recognized during the live broadcast received a Bravo Award, along with the company’s sincerest gratitude for all the great work!

↑Marco Silva
JCP 30 Burnsville, MN
Marco was recognized for being an outstanding team leader and helping the team stay on track. After being employed with Diversified for only two months, Marco has already proven himself to be a valuable member of the team by taking the initiative necessary to get the job done. Way to go, Marco!
-Nominated by Jonathan Dawson


↑Curtis Mcelveen
JCP 2257 Florence, SC
Curtis has been the lead custodian at this JCPenney since 1985 when the store opened. Curtis is always on time and never calls out. He goes above and beyond the expectations of the job and is always willing to go the extra mile for the store and Diversified. The store team loves having Curtis in the store and includes him as part of their JCPenney family.
-Nominated by Theresa Burger


↑Barb Shaw
JCP 921 Mt. Pleasant, MI
Representing the self-cleaning project team, Barb is always filling in – even when she broke her ankle she still cam to work! Barb is very dependable, and has been employed with Diversified for over 8 years.
-Recognition by Scott Trij


↑Corina Gomez
JCP 643 Saginaw, MI
Corina has been employed with Diversified for 3 years. She is always helping out the JCP team with a smile on her face. She goes in early to get her extractions done and is very dependable.
-Recognition by Scott Trijo


↑Loretta Young
JCP 1352 Troy, MI
Voted August 2018 Warrior of the month, Loretta is a great partner to the store and greatly appreciated by the entire team. She provides outstanding service and exhibits true Warrior spirit each and every day.
-Nominated by John Mitchell


↑Patrick Lafferty
JCP 1188 Springfield, MO
Patrick has been a loyal employee for 5 years. He always strives to do his best while also going above and beyond to cover shifts when we have call-offs and holidays. He has not missed a shift in three years! He is a great asset to the company and a great partner for the store.
-Nominated by Marty Manning