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Creating a Balanced Schedule and Workflow for Consistent Facility Maintenance Services

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, Regional Sales Executive

Aligning Scope of Work and Deliverables with Optimal Staffing Levels

The purpose of partnering with a facility maintenance service provider is not only to maintain a clean and well-kept business facility, but also to improve internal operations and processes by handing over the backend support functions to a team of professionals. Due to these long-term objectives, businesses assess their service providers to understand whether or not their investment is bringing the significant benefits they wish to achieve. In other words, the decision makers want to make sure that there is an alignment between the services they are receiving and the contract terms.

From the service provider’s perspective, scope of work alignment is critical to the success of the facility maintenance program for every customer. In order to ensure that the services and quality standards delivered are in sync with the commitment made in the contract, the service providers must determine the best possible selection of integrated services that can meet the customer requirements and the most appropriate number of cleaning staff required to meet customer expectations. Both, deficient and excessive numbers of staff members allocated to any site can result in a host of problems such as inadequate cleaning results, risks of infection due to improper sanitization, increased costs, unsatisfactory quality standards, among many others.

Experienced facility maintenance partners ensure a comprehensive transition plan is implemented well before the start-of-service. A structured approach to service transition establishes a framework for a successful cleaning and maintenance program that enables the on-ground team to perform consistently, resolve issues proactively, and ensure customer satisfaction with no operational downtime. However, the transition phase is also crucial for determining robust and coherent solutions for possible staffing challenges. Adequate staffing levels for any facility maintenance program is essential for scope of work alignment.

Diversified Maintenance designs custom facility maintenance programs with a wide range of integrated solutions. Each program is based on an insightful scope of work document to ensure effective commutations, transparency, frequent quality checks, customer requirements, frequency and schedule, and more. The details in this document make it possible to accurately calculate the staffing requirements, avoiding any potential issues of working more or fewer than desired number of on-ground employees. To learn more about scope of work alignment with the deliverables and number of employees responsible for it, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville