Sheena Litt Brings Diversified Maintenance into the Classroom

Our Regional Recruiting Coordinator, Sheena Litt, recently had the opportunity to introduce Diversified Maintenance to a very unique audience. In May, Sheena signed up to present for Career Day at her son’s fourth grade class. As soon as the date was locked in, she emailed her RVP David Leonardy, wondering if there was any Diversified “swag” that she could give the class to accompany her presentation. David was almost as excited as she was about presenting for Career Day!

When Career Day finally came, Sheena went to her son’s school to give her presentation, bringing yo-yos and stress balls for all the kids in the class! She also handed out coffee mugs, hand sanitizer, and pens to the teachers. During Sheena’s 15 minute presentation, she educated the class on what services Diversified Maintenance provides our customers through the Consumer Division, and specifically what a Regional Recruiting Coordinator does on a daily basis.

She must have done a fantastic job with the presentation, because all the kids were genuinely interested, engaged, and asked some great questions. As she wrapped up the presentation, Sheena handed all the kids their “swag bags”, which were met with squeals of joy! Sheena would like to thank David for letting her take the time to present to her son’s class, and especially for the awesome Diversified swag. It truly made the kids’ day, and cemented Sheena as the best Career Day presenter!