Debra Turner Marks 15 Years of Service

Debra Turner recently marked 15 years of service with Diversified. Debra started her career with us in 2007 as a Receptionist/General Cleaner for the Montgomery District, and filled in at the RSA CJC Account. Within a month, she started working at RSA CJC day shift and general cleaner at our District office. She also began working at the American Heart Association. In 2008 she was promoted to Supervisor at RSA CJC. 3 years later, she was promoted to Project Manager at RSA CJC. Shortly thereafter, Debra was promoted to the largest RSA Account in Montgomery in 2014. Debra is another one of Montgomery’s project managers who started out as a general cleaner and worked her way up to success through hard work and dedication! Fantastic job Debra, and thank you for all that you do!