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Commercial Cleaning Best Practices – Is Your Outsourced Partner Supporting Your Improved Business Performance

Contributed by Rashawn Sims, Senior Director – Client Relations

“Best Practice: A working method or set of working methods that is officially accepted as being the best to use in a particular business or industry.” – Cambridge Dictionary

For the commercial cleaning service industry, best practices represent the most prudent cleaning program with effective protocols and efficient schedules. While these practices serve as working standards with better results than any other methods, customers also expect their cleaning service provider to deliver the best possible ways to deal with any issues or problems that may arise. Similarly, commercial cleaning best practices are not only a benchmark for performance, but they are also adaptable enough to allow for improvements when they are identified.

It is also important for customers to partner with an experienced commercial cleaning service provider that works with an all-encompassing approach and best practices. Although the key areas of success is the quality of on-site services delivered, it is equally crucial for the service provider to operate with a high level of quality in their internal organizational operations and management practices. This comprehensive methodology for on-site performance and backend support functions also holds a significant impact the customer’s business performance and operational efficiency. Some of the most important facilities maintenance and commercial cleaning best practices include:

Contract Transparency – All types of businesses require full disclosure in the contract they enter with their commercial cleaning service provider. Not only does this refer to the scope of work and day to day protocols, it is also imperative that the service provider ensures transparency and clarity in their pricing.

Quality Assurance – A robust quality assurance program can ensure the delivery of highest standards of service as well as maintaining these standards through routine assessments, quarterly reviews, and problem resolution. A successful commercial cleaning company designs quality assurance methods to analyze, benchmark, and control the operational execution of services and delivery.

Personnel Management – Every employee for a commercial cleaning service provider can contribute to creating a positive customer experience. Without a sound strategy for building and maintaining a productive and efficient workforce, service providers can fail to deliver on their promised service standards. From hiring to screening to training and managing, commercial cleaning companies must invest time and effort in finding, training, and retaining employees who can fulfill their job requirements effectively and consistently as their performance impacts the company’s bottom line as well as the productivity levels for the customer’s business.

Diversified Maintenance works closely with each customer to design the most suitable scope of work and commercial cleaning program. The on-ground teams and supervisors are focused on fulfilling each day’s requirements with best practices while ensuring high standard protocols for key areas including service quality, preventative maintenance, environmental sustainability, chemical compliancy, among others. To learn more about the benefits of an outsourced cleaning partner with a strategic framework and performance system, send me a note at: Nancy Matura