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Choosing Between In-House and Outsourced Facility Maintenance Services

Many organizations are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations and automate some of their processes for greater efficiency. One of the areas in which organizations are looking to get the most benefit in this regard is facility maintenance. Yet, a number of companies are still uncertain about whether to outsource their facility maintenance function or have an in-house team do the job. The foremost consideration in such decisions is price; however, there are many other, equally important, factors to take into account.

Advantages of In-House Facility Maintenance Services:

  • Security: In-house facility maintenance services offer the added benefit of safety and security, as they are part of the organization’s workforce and have therefore undergone evaluation under stringent hiring criteria.
  • Familiarity: Another advantage of utilizing in-house maintenance services involves the relationship they have with the company. The company is already aware of their quality of service while the in-house facility maintenance team is already accustomed to their company’s work environment and schedules.

Disadvantages of In-House Facility Maintenance Services:

  • Recruitment and Training: Having a team manage your organization’s janitorial and maintenance services in-house would mean investing additional resources in hiring a qualified crew. Employees would also need to be trained in cleaning, maintenance best practices, and the safe use of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Cost of Equipment: In order to ensure a clean and well-maintained facility, you would also have to purchase equipment. The cost of purchase as well as expenses related to their regular maintenance will add to your overall cost of operation.
  • Workforce Management Expenses: Managing a cleaning and maintenance workforce in-house also involves taking care of their various needs through liability insurance, payroll taxes, medical insurance, timekeeping and workers’ compensation. In addition, employees would also have to be given vacations and sick leaves, all of which increases management’s cost.
  • Personnel Issues: Various issues may arise in managing a workforce including personnel grievances, disciplinary actions and other labor problems, which ultimately take up a lot of time and resources to resolve.
  • Shift in Core Business Focus: By deciding to perform your company’s cleaning and maintenance services yourself, you will be spending time trying to manage the whole process instead of focusing on your core business activities and strategic objectives.

Should you choose to outsource your facility maintenance services, here are some benefits:

  • Reduced Costs: Your Company can save time, money and resources by handing over the function of recruitment and training of employees to your facility maintenance service provider. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the equipment and chemical costs, workforce management, healthcare and other employee benefits.
  • Quality Service: No matter how trained your employees are, the level of service provided by an in-house facility maintenance service provider is still not at par with industry best practices. By partnering with a facility maintenance company, you will get a trained and skillful crew.
  • Safeguard Your Building’s Assets: Certain equipment and work areas require constant maintenance in order to ensure their longevity. Outsourced facility maintenance service providers have received training in the different ways to repair and maintain equipment as well as provide a clean and spotless environment for their clients.
  • Reporting: Most facility maintenance service providers establish a clear line of communication between their corporate management and their clients in order to keep them updated on the status of their service delivery as well as get valuable feedback on whatever expectations they may have.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Some facility maintenance companies also have an efficient customer care system that is dedicated towards addressing client concerns and needs.

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