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Beyond the Pandemic: The Right Approach to Reopen Your Business

The 2020 pandemic has brought several unprecedented challenges for businesses in every vertical. A few months into this pandemic, most companies are coming to understand that the business operations will probably never be the same again. The innovative, resourceful, and proactive businesses are adapting different changes and strategies to navigate through the dynamics of the post-COVID19 work environment.

The complexities of the ‘new normal’ demand a pragmatic approach from businesses that begins with a comprehensive business re-entry plan, followed by a workforce readiness plan requiring employee engagement, participation, and support to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Some of the important components of these strategic plans include:

Effective Communications

Regardless of how effective a re-entry program appears in its planning process, the true impact and benefits will only be visible when all employees are on the same page. The establishment of an effective communication channel will be crucial to reiterate important guidelines including expert recommendations from CDC and WHO. An accessible communications plan will also encourage individual employee feedback that could be useful in recognizing people at higher risk of virus transmission. It is of utmost importance that senior management and supervisors promote two-way communication, making it comfortable for all employees to come forward with health and safety concerns and feel that their well-being is prioritized by the employers.

Social Distancing Measures

The workplace layout will require changes to meet the social distancing guidelines necessary to keep all employees safe from the risk of exposure to pathogens and infections. According to WHO, a physical distance of at least 1 meter must be maintained in workplaces. Rearranging work stations to comply with these physical distance guidelines will also require businesses to empathize with employees, modify the layout in a way that it does not conflict with their job activities and tasks, and create a feasible and safe office space.

Additional Protective Measures & Employee Training

Throughout the various phases of rise and decline in the number of COVID-19 cases, health experts have continuously emphasized on the importance of personal protective measures to mitigate the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. These public health measures will be equally relevant for employees when they return to work. The most effective interventions for employee safety include hand hygiene, face masks, sanitizing, sneeze guards, face shields, and self-isolation if unwell. To further reiterate the significance of all these steps, businesses need to devote time and resources for frequent employee training on health and safety topics.

New Standards for Cleaning & Disinfecting Workspaces 

Businesses of all types and sizes are various establishing strategies to resume operations. For instance, some companies are considering a dedicated task force to work closely with employees to manage the post-pandemic business re-entry and others are investing in creating sophisticated health check stations. With different approaches implemented by different companies, it is apparent that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for a successful business re-entry plan. However, the need for in-depth and frequent cleaning and disinfecting has made it increasingly important for all types of businesses to outsource the cleaning and maintenance function to a professional company for seamless results.

While the increase in demand for professionally managed cleaning and disinfecting protocols has introduced new entrants in the industry, most customers continue to prefer facility maintenance partners with years of experience and effective performance during the recent pandemic. As an essential service provider, Diversified Maintenance also delivered uninterrupted, seamless services during the COVID-19 outbreak across the country. The Company also reviewed the scope of work for each customer, making crucial changes to ensure their facility is not only cleaned thoroughly but is also disinfected with proper coverage and enhanced efficiency.

Diversified Maintenance focuses on the health and safety of both its customers, and its on-site crew. With a proactive and vigilant approach for infection prevention and control, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting schedules are available for customers in all industries along with tailored alternatives to address the unique risks and requirements for individual customers. Contact us today to learn more the benefits of partnering with Diversified Maintenance for your long-term business continuity and employee safety goals.