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Back to Business with a Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan

The Essential Role of Facility Maintenance Operators Continues for Re-Entry Plans

by Ryan Thomson – Regional Sales Executive

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, causing terrible market impacts and making it nearly impossible to resume business operations the same way as before. While the lockdown phase during the pandemic have made all types of businesses understand the value of contingency and recovery management planning, they have also realized the previously overlooked significance of outsourcing cleaning and janitorial services to an experienced and professional facility maintenance company.

As businesses begin re-opening, they are in dire need of substantial cleaning and janitorial services to perform enhanced cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocols with increased frequency. There is an inherent need to ensure that workplaces are not only safe for employees and customers to return to, but also continue to remain safe and prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus. As much as workplace safety is now considered synonymous with social distancing protocols recommended by health experts, a professional facility maintenance company is no longer an optional, back-end operator. Re-entry plans for businesses are vague at best because the true magnitude of the ‘new normal’ and its impact will only be known over time. Nevertheless, essential as well as actively evolving facility maintenance companies during the pandemic have developed new strategies and schedules to ensure that enhanced cleaning, janitorial, and disinfecting solutions are standardized for all customer facilities.

Backed by their experience and research along with closely following expert guidelines from the likes of WHO and CDC, Diversified Maintenance is one of the leading facility maintenance companies to introduce a COVID-19 multi-tiered process with specialized and separate CLEANING and DISINFECTING procedures. The new protocols are a step ahead from the previous cleaning standards that were followed. Before the pandemic, disinfection was not equally prioritized with cleaning which means that cleaning is necessary to remove dirt, impurities, and germs but disinfecting is the assurance for a business that the facility is cleaned to mitigate the risk of infection exposure and outbreak.   This rigorous and frequent cleaning and disinfecting program also puts strong emphasis on keeping high touch-points clean, disinfected, and safe.

Contact me today to learn more about customized business re-entry plans and Diversified’s commitment to maintaining high standards of deep cleaning and disinfection at your facility.