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4 Key Aspects of Subcontractor Selection

For many companies, subcontracting carries numerous benefits. Whether the objective is to keep up with seasonal demand, get through busy periods or develop economies of scale, subcontracting has become very common amongst many professional services firms. However, without proper knowledge, you can run the risk of hiring a subcontractor who may not be suitable for your business. It is therefore necessary to keep in mind certain criteria that would help separate the ones that are good for your business from the ones who are not.

  • Experience: This is one of the first things to take into account when selecting a vendor. If a vendor has a high level of experience, then that displays its knowledge and skill. Having operated for a certain period of time makes them more likely to be aware of the cleaning and maintenance requirements of different environments. At Diversified Maintenance, all sub-contractors are required to demonstrate that they have at least three years of related experience before applying.
  • References: By asking for references, you will be able to determine the quality of services vendors provide. Answers to questions regarding what their previous employer says about them, whether they were punctual and professional throughout the delivery of the service will help you make a proper decision. Diversified Maintenance asks for at least two solid references through which vendors’ service quality can be defined.
  • Legal Documents: If a vendor is unable to provide any legal documents related to its work then that raises questions on its integrity and purpose. By submitting all required documents, a vendor will be able to authorize their right to work as well as certify the quality of their services. Diversified Maintenance maintains a strict set of standards that mandates that vendors provide full documentation showing all insurance requirements, applicable licenses and legal qualifications have been met.
  • Communication: Lastly, it is important that you are able to establish a clear line of communication with your vendor. In cases of emergencies, it should be easy for you to contact your vendor and make sure they are available at the given time. For this purpose, Diversified Maintenance requires that all vendors provide a 24-hour emergency contact number. This ensures that the company can get in touch with the vendor at any time necessary.

At Diversified Maintenance, we have an experienced vendor management department that sources new vendors against stringent requirements, thus guaranteeing the quality of service delivered. A number of our customers use subcontracted labor which represents the ͚cream of the crop͛ thanks to our strict evaluation system. Through this process, we are able to deliver on client expectations.