Team at BASF McIntosh AL Exceed KPIs

Operational leadership recently held a celebratory luncheon for the ESS team at BASF McIntosh, AL. The BASF staff was also invited to attend.

The celebration was for the exceptional KPI / inspection scores and customer satisfaction feedback from our QBR which was also held around the same time. Many of the BASF stakeholders shared their quality satisfaction opinions during the QBR both for our hourly and site supervisory Team.

In the below picture are Division Manager Brad Marston presenting our ‘employee of the month’ gift card to team member Leslie York (center) along with project manager Marie Hill (left).

The ESS McIntosh Team provides customer satisfaction results that are exemplary and continue to maintain very high quality standards that the truly deserve recognition.

Thanks to the ESS team for all they have done to help us achieve these amazing results. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication!