Cyntia Capetillo Earns Bravo for Exceptional Performance at Lowes

Cyntia Capetillo has been instrumental in keeping her Lowe’s store in top condition. Area Manager Stefan Georgiev snapped some photos of our cleaner Cyntia along with the Lowe’s operations manager at the store. Cyntia is exceptional, punctual, she has never missed a day or shift, and the store staff are very happy! The quality of cleaning at this store has immensely improved since Cyntia joined the team. The floors and restrooms are always spotless!

This particular Lowe’s is a flagship store, located across from one of the main Lowe’s warehouses. New products and brand imaging are tested at this store before being rolled out in other locations. Lowe’s also uses this store to shoot TV advertisements! So the quality of cleaning at an important site like this is certainly a big responsibility, with no room for mistakes.

In addition, the nearby warehouse is used for main online order fulfillment and also as a distribution hub with several trucks on the docks at all times. Lowe’s corporate people and vendor reps are also here constantly, so it is imperative that this store is always clean, spotless, and ready to impress!

Congratulations, Cyntia! Thank you for all your hard work!