See what our customers are saying 

“Thank you all for the help in this stressful time. Great response, very much appreciated.”

Paul – Facility Team

 “As a member of the CDC’s high risk group, I have to evaluate my chances of contracting the virus which may actually be severe in my specific case. The excellent condition of our campus is visible proof that I can concentrate on my job instead of the bug.”

CTJ – Engineer

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great job your team is doing in the face of this trying time. We truly appreciate the support to our continued commitment to providing quality product in support of public health. Please extend a big THANK YOU to each of them for us.”

Nikki – Site Services

 “The importance of being able to rely on your partnership in this climate is crucial and your services are extremely valuable.  I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are to work with your team.”

Carmen – Assistant VP

 “I want to extend my personal thanks to you and Diversified Maintenance for the flexibility and focus you have provided in your support of our bank.”

Tom – Senior Director

 “I wish to commend our facilities staff during this chaotic time. They have been highly visible in our buildings in what I can only describe as a fury of cleaning. Things were clean before – but now, literally, even the door knobs sparkle. Every lavatory has the fresh scent of disinfectant at all times of the day. The entire crew is cheerful and friendly.”

C.T. – Aerospace

“Great work Team!

It is due to all of your hard work and dedication that makes us look so good! We received compliments about how good looking and well kept our facilities are.”

Diana – Aerospace Client

“Really appreciate you and your team quick response and efforts to keep everyone safe. Thanks!”

Phil – Executive Director