High Tech Facilities

High Tech Facilities

With over 45 years of experience in delivering commercial and specialty maintenance services for data centers, clean rooms, telecommunications facilities, laboratories as well as research and development centers, we understand the special care and extensive attention to detail these facilities require daily.

Data Center & Clean Rooms

Our comprehensive maintenance solutions for cleanrooms and data centers allow customers to reduce the risk of downtime while remaining productive. We reduce, or eliminate, damaging contaminants that cause corrosion, overheating, electrical or mechanical failures in equipment thereby ensuring the security of your data as well as increased efficiency in equipment performance. We E-verify and train our personnel on cleaning and maintenance practices for high-tech work environments. For us, it is critical to provide our customers’ employees a well-maintained, sensitive environment.

Call Centers

We provide a range of maintenance services for 24/7 call centers across the United States. We have the experience to understand how to schedule, manage and clean call centers and controlled environments. Our training methods let employees know exactly what is expected at each job and within each task so you can always expect great quality of work.